Ryan Giggs: from footballs to dough Balls

He admits he can’t cook. So is that why the Manchester United legend is opening a resaturant with Gary Neville?

Psychologically, Giggs explains, the nature of professional football doesn’t encourage long-term planning…For a long time, I never looked too far ahead…The two friends, though, were realistic, “We knew that we were coming to the end.  Gary’s now retired and I’m still going…we knew that we had to prepare for another life…”

And one of the things they decided they were going to do was set up a restaurant.  “We’re not chefs and we’re not experts in hospitality, but we’ve had a lot of experience travelleing the world, eating at nice restaurants, eating at nice hotels…We knew what we wanted.  It was just putting it out there.”

So next month will see the launch of their “Cafe Football” in London, within the Westfield Stratford retail complex…the menu is made up of dishes inspired by traditional match-day grub, developed by two-Michelin-star chef Michael Wignall into something more thoughtful and gourmet.  So there is a chicken and mushroom “Pot Noodle”, in a ceramic pot; a “half-time orange” parfait; chocolate sponge with a green pistachio dusting to make it look like a pitch; a foot-long sausage roll made with pork belly and black pudding; steak pie…(There is, as far as I can tell, no clever twist to the steak pie.  It’s just a nice steak pie.)

Cafe Football opens next month.


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