REVIEW – Cafe Football Old Trafford


Jonathan Schofield enjoys a clever footy menu with surprisingly good food

BACK of the net as they say. This should have been an easy victory as we set out our stall to frustrate the kitchen with our hunger for the game…er, meal. It was end to end of the menu stuff with the 23-year-old proving he had a good engine. The waiter had quick feet for a big lad. We didn’t want pints of beer, so it was a meal of two halves. And at the end of the day…er… it got dark. Then we had to find where we’d parked the bus.

Ok, ok, time to blow the final whistle on football cliches. Although they are unavoidable in Cafe Football, even the plates carry them. But somehow this never jars or appears strained, it all fits.

I like Cafe Football.

This surprises me as ‘sports bars’ tend to be vile. I’m thinking Walkabout on Derby day.

Nor have I had good experiences in stadium restaurants. If anybody can find a single redeeming feature of the food in United’s Red Cafe or Liverpool’s Boot Room then I’d doubt their sanity. The word stodge doesn’t do justice, although there was the wonderful moment while taking some Norwegians to Liverpool FC a few years ago when the club’s menu advertised three courses with a pudding of ‘moose’. We had one elk of a time with that.

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